Christmas Swaps and Beading

Hi All,
          Sorry I am late doing this blog post. I am still working on my Hexagon bag from a few weeks ago..  I have the hexagons done, I just need to put the bag together.

Christmas Swaps
                           I have 3 Christmas swaps to do.  I have made Hexagons to applique onto some pink fabric. I have one almost appliqued all the way around on the fabric.  I will make these into small Mug Rugs. Also  I have Machine Embroidered some Humming Birds so I can add those to some Hexagon Coasters and have Christmas Fabric for the backing on the Coasters.

A Hexagon appliqued onto the pink fabric.

          Machine Embroidered Humming Birds.  I still need to cut the Threads.  When I was doing the Machine Embroidery I took one of the wrong threads so that is why they look different.


             One of the Facebook Groups I am in has a competition our Group Members can enter.  Videos were posted within the group and you watch the videos to find a technique to try.
Here is what I have done so far.
I still need to finish the red one at the top and add around 5 lots of green beads.  My first go at adding beads to fabric.  I found them fiddly and hard to do at first.  It is easier to do now.

That is it for now.


  1. Hi Sue ,wow i love those humming birds,you are working on some beautiful projects,well done xx

  2. Hi Sue, thank you for popping into my blog & leaving me some lovely Comments... especially lovely to see another name on the Piece Yourself Together linky!
    Sue, as your email address is not visible to me when the Comments get emailed to me, I cannot reply to them... I'm not sure if this is intentional, or whether you're unaware this is the case? If you would like to hear back from those you leave comments for, your email address does need to be visible to the recipient of the Comment. This can easily be fixed; I have some handy information on a recent post & I'd love to be able to reply to you directly in future! Thanks again for your lovely words!

  3. I love your hexagon and the birds! Kisses, my friend.


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