FNWF January 2020

Hi All,
          Sorry I have not replied to the ladies who have commented on my blog posts.  I am having trouble commenting for some reason.  Thank you ladies for the nice comments. I will try and work out why I cannot comment.
        Years ago I bought a pattern for a pin cushion.  The pattern is called Thread Ready Pincushions by Indigo Junction.
            I will add photos so that you can all see what I have done so far as I am still working on one piece.
             When I have finished with the pin cushion I will post back here.  Not sure why the photos are sideways.
               See you all later.


FNWF 6th December 2019

Hi All,
          Where has the year gone?  It has gone very fast for me.   Last week from the 2nd - 6th December 2019, Brandon and I went to Dubbo for the week. I stayed at my Sister and Brother In Law’s Property out of Dubbo.   Brandon had a School Camp to go to.  Also a Presentation Day on the Friday, where the Students receive awards and Certificates.
Through the week I was at Dubbo, on Tuesday I helped Jenny my Sister In Law with Paper work that they have for their Headstones and Momuments Business that she needed to get organised and needed to shred some paper.
         On Wednesday Jenny and I had lunch in town.  I wanted to buy some Crushed Walnut Shells.  Jenny needed to go to the Pet shop, I found out that Pet shops have Crushed Walnut Shells for Reptiles.  I bought a 1.8kg container of the Crushed Walnut Shells for $14.80.
I got to do some Christmas Shopping whilst in Dubbo. I organised to catch up with Trish a cousin of mine, we went to out to Tea and talked about a lot of different things.  It was great to catch up with her.  Trish bought me a small 2020 Diary and and a pack of 6 tubes of Crabtree-Evelyn Handcreams.  I have not taken photos of those yet.
          On Tuesday and Thursday I got in and did some Sashiko, and finished this block.  I started another on on Thursday night.
   My photos are out of order, not sure why, so sorry about that.
On Friday Morning it was Presentation day at the School in Dubbo, I talked to some of Brandon’s Teachers.  After the Presentation Day was done, we were all invited to have refreshments near the School Hostel, a new area had been worked on, a new Hall had been built, with displays of the Students artwork.
     I saw a few Friends that I went to High School with so caught up with them.  It was great to see them both.
On Friday afternoon Brandon and I caught the bus back home and arrived home close to 8pm. Another 8 days of School left then the Christmas Holidays.   It was good to get home and unpack.  Brandon and I were both tired from the bus trip home.
     I have a Pin Cushion pattern here that I bought online years ago, so I am going to have a go at making it up.  I gathered up all my thread spools to work out what size pin cushion to make.
         So that will be another blog post when I get it done.
That is all for now.
Have a great weekend what is left of it.
Bye to you all.

FNSI 15th November 2019

Hi All,

          In the last few weeks I have been busy making sewing items for an Advent Swap.  I will not share photos here until they have been opened by my partner, which will be closer to Christmas.
I need to update my blog as I have not been doing many posts.  So I will try and do more when I can.
      Years ago in Our Craft Group Facebook group, a member suggested that we do a Fabric Suduko puzzle which was from a website.  Then when that was completed you pick your fabrics and sew those into a nine patch. I finished the Fabric Suduko Puzzle panel years ago. I then put it away.
        I was not sure what I was going to do with it.  I bought a European Pillow from Big W in Dubbo.  I knew then what to do with the panel.  I added borders, then did a backing fabric.
Here are some photos.

I have enjoyed making the pillow Case Cover.  
I will go and check out what you all have been up to.  

FNWF 2nd August 2019.

Hi all,
         On the 25th Of July we had an early Birthday Party for me.  We invited friends from town, Brett’s Mum and our Neighbours.  We all had a great night.  1st pic is me with the Birthday cake. 2nd pic is Brett and I.  3rd pic is dip, biscuits, cheeses, Pepperoni, nuuts, Olives and a pastry type food.
4th pic is Brett’s Mum Fern and food we had on the tables. 5th Pic is of food and 6th pic is Brandon our Son.
         Photos are out of order as you can all see.  Photo of hexies I have received from Our Craft Group, which is a Facebook group.  A group of ladies do a monthly Hexagon swap.  I cut and basted som pink hexies around the edges.  I still need to sew around the edges of the hexies.  The photo below that is of the basted hexies.  I have a lot more that I need to do.  I will keep going with it and see how it all goes.
     I have more to post but will do that in more blog posts.  I hope you all have had a good weekend.
I am looking forward to seeing what you all have been up to.
Sue Coleman.

October FNWF

Hi All,
          I have been working on a tissue holder, I did not put the fabrics the right way around.  Does not matter though, just wanted to make one to see how I would go.
       I am going to make a Bionic or Sew all bag.  I have the fabrics, batting, lining and interfacing cut out ready to go.  I cut the fabrics out, I need to work out the sizes as the zippers were not the correct size as the pattern has stated.  I will see how it turns out.

Small bags

Hi all,
         There are 3 bags that I have made.  The 1st one is Summer Breeze fabric, the other 2 is fabric from Lin Tarrant, she sent me some Fat Quarters for my Birthday.  So I decided to make some small bags, that I will use for my sewing gear.  The bags are quick and easy to make.  There is a pattern on YouTube on how to make them.
Have a great Friday and weekend everyone.  I have been busy getting my Halloween items ready today.  I have not taken photos yet, but will do other blog post over the weekend to show what I have been up to.

Walgett Quilters Quilt Show June 2018

Hi All,
          I am very late posting this to my blog.  In June there was a Quilt Show at Walgett. There were over 100 Quilts on display at the RSL Hall.  The first photo is of Facebook swap blocks.
2nd photo is of a Jelly Roll Race that I did.  The 3rd photo is of a Mariners Compass which was foundation pieced. The forth photo was from a quilt pattern that I received from the International Friendship
 Quilters Group.
The fifth photo is my Walgett Quilters Friendship Quilt.  A group of 23 ladies decided to choose their own block pattern from a website, then we made blocks for each other.  A year later the quilts were all put together.  I am still in the process of quilting mine.
The sixth photo is a close up of the Jelly Roll Race Quilt label.
The seventh photo is of another Facebook swap block quilt top.
The last photo is of a red work hand embroidery quilt top that I put together.
        It was in April, May and June that I put the swap block quilt tops, Mariners Compass green back ground ironed on and getting The Walgett Quilters Friendship Quilt together.
   All those have kept me busy.
I have more things to show, I need to take some more photos of the items I have made.
I have quilt blocks that I have put together, made some items for a friend who lives in Queensland, also have made some small bags.  I am hoping to do another blog post soon.
     Our Neighbour has invited us to a Halloween party which we are going to this Saturday.   They have been away so that is why we are going to have it on the weekend.
    Have a great Thursday everyone.

FNWF January 2020

Hi All,           Sorry I have not replied to the ladies who have commented on my blog posts.  I am having trouble commenting for some reas...